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Legacy Giving

Legacy gifts will allow us to grow our endowment to support technologies not yet invented, programs not yet identified, facilities not yet contemplated, and extraordinary boys not yet born." 
— Sam McKinney, Principal

Leaving your legacy at UCC

Most people are interested in how they will be remembered. Of course, the prime determinant of that personal legacy is how we lived each day; however, how we deal with our assets, after our last day, is also an important part of the equation.

What is a legacy gift?

A legacy gift, or a planned gift, is a donation to the College arranged in the present to be made available for use in the future. Legacy gifts normally pass through your estate and can help offset taxes.

Why make a legacy gift?

The main reason for these donations is the inherent satisfaction of knowing the gift you designate in your lifetime will make a difference to something you care deeply about long after you have passed.

Where does my legacy gift go?

Every legacy gift will be retained with the Upper Canada College Foundation and, unless specified, will be added to the endowment, with capital preservation as the first priority. Your gift will live on in perpetuity, honouring your memory, philanthropic wishes and experiences at UCC.

Our Legacy Donors

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  • Ross Mason ’55, Toronto, Ont. - Retired Owner and CEO, Roadway Inc.

    “Keep your head up!”
    Ross recalls his UCC hockey coach, Norm Sharp, telling him to keep his head up, and Ross has been keeping his head up for UCC ever since! Ross loves to talk about his time at the College, especially his three years on First Hockey. When asked recently how he is coping during the global pandemic, he replied, "Just fine — the same rushing defenseman of days gone by." This positive outlook and passion for UCC have manifested in the two endowment funds he has established at UCC: the Karen and Ross Mason '55 Scholarship Fund and the Military Scholarship named after his father, Major CJ Mason, who landed on Juno Beach on D-Day. Ross believes that other promising boys, regardless of their parents' financial means, should have a chance to attend such a great school. Ross's generosity and faith in UCC led him to include the College in his will. We are so grateful that he has decided to align his personal legacy with the future of the school that sparked his love of hockey.
  • Alan Ely '65, Toronto, Ont. - Retired Business Executive

    "I want to give back to the school that gave me music."

    Many alumni and former parents expressed the desire to give something long-lasting back to the school that ignited in them or their choldren a passion for a particular co-urricular interest such as sports, arts or global issues of the day. In Alan’s case, it was music and he still sings and performs to this day. 
  • Joe Gibbons '72, Lunenberg, NS, Entrepreneur - Chef, Food Writer, Producer

    "I want to give a meaningful gift but I can't finance it right now. Arranging a legacy gift is the perfect option."

    Anyone who wants to make a significant gift to the College but has current financial commitments that preclude them from doing so should consider an estate gift as a creative way to contribute. These legacy donors are happy to make a gift they didn’t think possible.
  • Blake Hutcheson '80, Toronto, Ont. - President and Chief Pension Officer, OMERS

    "UCC is in my will, just like any member of my family."

    Old Boys spoke with affection and gratitude about a place that changed the trajectory of their lives. They reminisced about teachers, coaches and mentors who believed in them and inspired their love of learning. They spoke about productive work habits formed and lessons learned outside the classroom. They recounted with humour and irony the beginnings of lifelong friendships. Most of all, they emphasized the importance of aligning their personal legacy with the future of the school that did so much for them.

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Your questions answered

List of 6 frequently asked questions.

  • Several of the charitable organizations I support are asking me to consider a "planned gift." What does this mean?

    The phrase "planned giving" may conjure up visions of long legal documents, complicated tax laws and uncomfortable reflections on mortality. UCC's definition, however, is that a legacy gift is merely a deferred donation that accrues to the College according to a formally stated schedule or set of conditions determined by you, the donor.
  • What is the easiest way to make a bequest to Upper Canada College?

    With the help of a lawyer and/or estate planner, you can add a bequest to your existing will. If you wish, UCC can assist with the mechanics and wording. You can choose to give a specific dollar amount, or give a percentage of your estate. If you're not sure of your future circumstances, you can set up a contingency bequest, thereby ensuring that your spouse and/or family are provided for first. If you don't have a will, you may want to consider establishing one. At that time you can instruct your lawyer to include a charitable bequest to UCC.
  • What are the benefits to me?

    A legacy gift is convenient, inexpensive, will help you save on taxes, provide leverage on your premiums, assist with estate preservation, will eliminate probate, legal and executor fees, and gives you peace of mind, control and recognition.
  • Is there a minimum bequest amount?

    There is no minimum amount for a bequest. Everyone's situation is different and any bequest amount is welcomed, appreciated and recognized by membership in Our Third Century legacy giving group.
  • How do I make a legacy gift through life insurance?

    Life insurance is a viable legacy giving option whereby you can gain tax advantages during your lifetime, or realize benefits to your estate later on. By donating a paid-up life insurance policy, you would receive a tax receipt for its full value. If UCC is made owner and beneficiary of a new insurance policy, the annual premium payments you pay are tax-deductible.
  • What is Our Third Century?

    Legacy donors who let UCC know about their gift will become members of the College's Our Third Century group. Established in 2018, this group will have opportunities to be celebrated alongside fellow donors and connect with College leadership and students at annual events and receptions. If you'd like to make a private or anonymous gift, public recognition isn't required and your wishes will be honoured.
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