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Learning outside the classroom

All orders for uniforms are placed through Until the dress code for September 2021 is confirmed, it is recommended you wait to place your order. The dress code will be communicated to families once it is finalized. In the meantime, don't forget to check out the Blues Shop Catalogue for UCC branded items, sports gear, etc.
Boarders, please note that items can be shipped and stored at the school.
With a focus on co-curricular learning, personal wellbeing and stewardship, we develop belonging, confidence and empathy.

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  • Co-curricular learning

    Our extensive co-curricular programming complements classroom learning, by providing boys with opportunities to discover their passions and instill a sense of purpose, through arts, athletics and a wide range of other activities.
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  • Wellbeing

    Safety and wellbeing are our highest priorities. We strive to keep our boys healthy in every sense of the word. UCC supports each student’s physical, cognitive, social and emotional wellbeing through a comprehensive system of supports at every stage of his learning journey.
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  • Stewardship

    We want our boys to grow to be open-minded and “other-minded” — to be citizens who respect and appreciate the people around them: those here at school, individuals in the local community and others across the globe.
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  • Scott Cowie

    Dean of Student Life and Wellbeing

    Welcome Message

    At UCC, we understand the importance of a learning experience that’s comprehensive — one that extends far beyond the classroom. We provide boys with countless opportunities for growth, and with the supports they need to thrive on their individual journeys to becoming their best selves.
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