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Vision and Mission

The College has set a course for the next decade — leading to the College’s bicentennial — through its Strategic Directions: Towards 2029. This renewed vision and mission hinges on the intention to provide transformational learning experiences and inspire boys to be their best selves.  


Upper Canada College values each boy and inspires him to be his best self. A UCC experience reflects the pluralism and promise of Canada, and identifies the College as a global leader in the education of boys.


Upper Canada College provides transformational learning experiences that foster the development of head, heart and humanity, and inspire each boy to make a lasting and positive impact on his world.


Upper Canada College’s values build on our rich history and traditions and serve to inform how we interact with each other and with our world.

At Upper Canada College, we value:

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  • Learning

    Learning about oneself and the world is at the heart of a UCC education. Through a rigorous liberal education and programs of personal development, each boy gains an understanding of himself, strong and wide-ranging skills, and knowledge that prepares him for success and responsible citizenship. We strive for excellence and celebrate accomplishment, valuing learning as a journey and not a destination. At UCC, learning is an ongoing pursuit marked by curiosity, collaboration, persistence and openness to feedback. As a community, we model a culture of learning and growth.
  • Pluralism

    A UCC experience is about more than just an appreciation of diversity; it is about celebrating differences, cherishing similarities and giving voice to multiple perspectives. Through an understanding and appreciation of pluralism we create a more inclusive community, and in turn, create a more just society where we work towards the common good.
  • Service

    To honour Sir John Colborne’s founding commitment to public purpose, UCC inspires boys to become service-oriented leaders who understand their unique qualities in relationship to others, have humility and empathy, and recognize their ability to positively influence change. At UCC we embrace the opportunity and responsibility to make a difference in our local and global communities.
  • Community

    UCC’s culture is characterized by teamwork, collaboration, mutual respect and a fundamental belief in our Vision and Mission. We appreciate and value each individual, fostering strong and trusting relationships throughout our community. We stand by each other, offering support and care, and we foster in our boys the very best characteristics of brotherhood.
  • Wellbeing

    To foster individual and institutional wellbeing, UCC is committed to a learning and working environment that is safe, healthy, meaningful, engaging and supportive. A UCC education equips each boy with the capabilities to develop the knowledge, self-awareness and strengths of character that enable lifelong resilience and allow him to flourish.
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