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The IB at UCC

Lifelong UCC Advantage

I found that many of the skill sets that I acquired during my two years in the IB Programme were used throughout my university career and into my early professional career.
— JP Mackay ’02
    • UCC studnets at Graduation

Success at university and beyond

Throughout its history, UCC has been recognized for its high academic standards, and its IB Programmes have enhanced that reputation.
Research shows that IB Diploma Programme graduates approach post-secondary studies with greater confidence and higher levels of engagement than their non-IB counterparts.
They have strong cognitive, research, writing and organizational skills that help them succeed. IB Diploma graduates have better retention rates at university, compared with their non-IB counterparts.
Many university admission offices consider the IB Diploma Programme the “gold standard” in post-secondary preparation. UCC graduates are welcomed by the top universities around the world, often with scholarships and with credit for outstanding achievement in their Higher Level (HL) Diploma Programme studies.

Post-university success

There’s so much more to a UCC education beyond academic success. Less measurable, but still noticeable, you’ll find a positive, can-do attitude that empowers UCC graduates to reach their full potential. They have a global outlook, respect for others and their differences, concern for the environment, and a desire to make a positive, lasting impact on the lives of others.

Furthermore, many lifelong friendships are forged at UCC. So many of our graduates report that the UCC brotherhood has been a powerful force in their lives.
They also leave with powerful connections to fellow alumni from around the world. With a global network of 10,000 alumni, “Old Boys” stay connected through regional alumni association events, reunions, social gatherings and networking and mentoring opportunities, as well as an alumni magazine, a dedicated microsite, and regular updates from UCC’s principal.
In addition, through the Common Ties Mentorship Program, graduates benefit from the career advice, life lessons and the support of fellow graduates, UCC parents and other volunteer mentors.  

Post-IB benefits

"The IB gives you the ‘how’ you need to excel at something you’re interested in. I can’t stress that enough.” 
—Taylor Harris ’09
"I don’t think I would have gone to Yale without the IB. It really broadened my horizons. The IB really forced me to develop good habits and gave you the core skill set you needed so you could explore all that university has to offer.” 
— David Lisson ’98
"People were complaining [in university] about having to write 1,500-word papers. Coming in, that just wasn’t a burden for me.” 
— Jeremy Rogers '13
The word experience The UCC Difference