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Our History

"Being able to look back and reflect on our history is important. It gives us lessons that help inform our identity, purpose and future direction." 

Our history is a source of pride, identity and learning

UCC has a long, unique history in Canadian education. Some of our traditions, artefacts and architecture date back almost two centuries.
UCC was one of the first institutions for secondary education in Ontario. Our founder, Sir John Colborne, was the Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada, who later became Lord Seaton. A distinguished statesman and military leader, Colborne fought in both the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars.

In 1829, he created UCC as a feeder school for the newly founded King’s College (later the University of Toronto). UCC was modelled after the great public schools of Britain and has a link to the British Royal Family through the late Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. Prince Phillip has acted as a UCC Board Member and was an Official Visitor of the College since 1955.

What will I find at the archives?

List of 3 items.

  • Textual Records

    Official documents from UCC board of governors, principals, head of the Prep School and College associations. Also, student records and publications like College Times, the oldest, continuously running student publication in Canada.
  • Graphic Collection

    Photographs (more than 20,000 and counting!), slides, negatives, films and tapes of students, faculty, UCC buildings, theatre productions, sports and UCC’s Norval Outdoor School.
  • Artifact Collection

    Medals, trophies, sweaters, caps, ties, pennants, sports equipment and Battalion uniforms.
    • Sir John Colborne founded Upper Canada College in 1829

Contact Information

UCC Archives
Bee Khaleeli, College Archivist
Office of Advancement
Tel: 416-488-1125 ext. 2372

Archive Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Thursday by appointment during the academic year.

Please note: Access to some records is restricted, but can be granted upon permission from the principal. The University of Toronto Archives and Records Management Services manages UCC’s archival record prior to 1900.
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