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The younger students benefit greatly from the Horizons tutoring program. Relationships form after a few sessions; the older UCC boys enjoy the younger boys' company and really benefit from the empathy piece of this wonderful puzzle.
— Heidi Seibert, teacher, Lord Dufferin Junior and Senior Public School
    • Jyoti Sehgal Director Horizons Program

      Jyoti Sehgal

      Director, Horizons Program
      416-488-1125, ext. 2295

For over 20 years, Horizons has been a rewarding tutoring and mentoring partnership between students at Upper Canada College (Years 8 to 12) and elementary schools in Toronto. 


The Horizons Program was created in 1999 as a partnership between Upper Canada College and the Toronto District School Board (TDSB). It provides mutually beneficial learning opportunities and experiences for all the students involved.

School-Year Programming 
Mentoring, tutoring and learning through play happens in a variety of eight-week programs throughout the school year, i.e. math, learn to skate, coding, art and lacrosse. 

Curricular Learning
Through an interdisciplinary curriculum model, all students in the Middle Years Programme connect with a younger student who has special needs. They learn together in co-operative, play based activities, developing respect and enhancing empathy for others' experiences. 
Summer Program
The Horizons Summer Program supports academically talented students from priority neighbourhoods over a three-year period from Grade 7 to 9. The goal is to inspire continued positive community engagement and academic pursuits. 

High School 
Summer Program graduates receive ongoing workshops to prepare for post-secondary education. Graduates meet regularly for discussions and opportunities to develop their many strengths. 

Community Building
Another aspect of our ongoing partnerships with schools is providing experiential engagement in such things as Horizons Hockey Night, Norval Outdoor School, the World Affairs Conference, Ontario Model United Nations, Horizons Computer Science Conference and Music Day. 

Parents of UCC boys have opportunities to get involved with Horizons. Donation drives are held annually, calling for winter clothes, books and sports equipment. 
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Horizons in action

This experience was not only eye opening, but it was fun as well. I'm grateful I was given an opportunity to widen my narrow mind and see the bigger picture in life. 
— Ryan Xian ’22  

How does Horizons help students become better people?

Involvement in Horizons has been proven to develop a boy's capacity for empathy and respect for diversity, skills to last a lifetime. Here's a research paper co-written by Horizons Director Jyoti Sehgal, showing how a Grade 8 class, working with developmentally delayed kids, built their capacity for those traits. You can read the full report here.
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