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Summer Life

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A co-ed summer English enrichment experience for local 
and international students in the heart of Toronto, Canada

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Summer Life 2023

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Summer 2024 Program Dates and Fees

Session A:  June 30 to
July 20, 2024 

Session B:  July 21 to August 10, 2024 

UCC Summer Life Boarding
3-Week Program: $5,495.00 plus HST

Summer Life Norval Exchange
3-Week Program: $5,995.00 plus HST

Summer Life Day Student
3-Week Program: $4,495.00 plus HST

416 488 1125 ext. 2253

About UCC Summer Life

Upper Canada College Summer Life is a co-ed summer-in-residence program for students ages 9 to 16. The energetic and cosmopolitan backdrop of Toronto provides numerous enrichment opportunities.

The program is comprised of three sections: Juniors (ages 10-11), Intermediates (ages 12-13) and Leadership (ages 14-16). Campers in the Junior and Intermediate divisions will choose from a wide variety of one-week day camps, selecting three diverse camp options to experience within their time with our 3-Week program. Leadership campers will participate in UCC’s leadership-in-training program incorporating a team-centred approach to initiative, volunteerism and mentorship.

From a skating complex that’s second to none to well-equipped, newly renovated and secure boarding houses, UCC’s facilities inspire fun, learning and resilience in our participants’ every pursuit. Best of all, it is located on 40 beautiful acres in the heart of Toronto, Canada, just a 20-minute drive from Pearson International Airport.

UCC’s Summer Life experience allows students to select from a wide range of day programs, including robotics, visual arts, film and theatre. An array of sports camps includes golf, tennis, basketball, baseball and soccer. Students will spend their days integrated into UCC’s day camp population, connecting with local campers and enhancing their English language skills.

Since the start of the UCC Summer Life program in 2018, we have welcomed students from over 17 different countries! A few of these countries include Oman, Brazil, Vietnam, Turkey, China, Japan, Korea and Italy! 10% of UCC Summer Life program participants are local students from Toronto, Canada!
“Travel to and from the program was very easy and safe.”

“The Leadership Program is very creative and very interesting. My son made lots of friends and loved it.”  

“Excellent planned excursions to different places, the Norval camping experience was my child’s favourite trip.”

“I received immediate responses to my inquiries; constant emails, informing parents of everything planned, keeping in contact by posting on UCC website and the weekly newsletter.”

Our Facilities

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The Program Includes:

  • 1-hour English enrichment session per day with a certified instructor
  • 24-hour residence supervision by qualified UCC Summer Life Staff
  • 3 weeks of Day Camp enrolment, with the ability to choose 3 diverse programs from UCC's over 27 engaging and educational summer camp programs ranging from arts and technology to sports and leadership!
  • Safe and secure environment, with access to on-campus security and health centre
  • Shared accommodation in recently renovated boarding houses
  • Three healthy meals per day, plus evening snack delivered to boarding houses
  • Engaging afternoon and evening experiences including; swimming, badminton, tennis, creative writing, public speaking and debate seminars
  • Volunteer and leadership opportunities, outdoor education and Canadian culture
  • Airport pick-up and drop-off services by UCC Summer Life staff, ensuring safe travels for all students
  • Program fees include health insurance
“The memories I have forged at Summer Life are some of the best in my life and I’ll truly cherish them as long as I live. The Leadership program taught me valuable skills that I will bring to future experiences.” 
Brian, Hong Kong, age 16
“Thank you for teaching me and creating fun activities and trips around Toronto, this is the most fun I have ever had at a summer camp.”
Phuoc, Vietnam, age 13

“I had the time of my life! Such a great experience!”
Abdul, Oman, age 15

“I have learnt so many new things at Summer Life - I didn’t play baseball until I had the chance to at UCC!”
Maggie, China, age 11

Evening and Weekend Excursions

On evenings and weekends, students participate in cultural excursions to local landmarks in and around Toronto.

Participants in the UCC Summer Life program visit some of Toronto’s and Ontario’s most popular tourist attractions, including the CN Tower, Niagara Falls, Ripley’s Aquarium, the Royal Ontario Museum and Centre Island.

Students also enjoy time at UCC’s Norval Outdoor School, our 430-acres outdoor education facility, located 45 minutes west of the city.

UCC Summer Life Specialty Programs in 2024

The Norval Exchange (ages 9 to 13) optional program fosters leadership, initiative and teamwork through adventure while learning about Canada’s rural geography at UCC’s outdoor education campus. During the 1-week program, students are accompanied by our certified teachers and outdoor education instructors while learning technical skills associated with wilderness survival, food preparation and orienteering. Students will explore the rural landscape on a 20km hiking and camping trip, where they will develop their outdoor cooking skills and learn how to set up their tents. Students will attend educational and hands-on sessions on gardening, geocaching, fishing, apiary upkeep and navigation. Spaces for this enrichment program are limited - reserve your child’s spot soon! We will offer two options for Norval Exchange weeks in summer 2024! Leadership Program Students (ages 14 to 17) will attend a specialized outdoor education program through the Leadership Program. If the student is between 14 and 17 years of age, please register in the Leadership Program through the website. The Norval Exchange is for students age 9 to 13. 

The Summer Life Day Student (ages 9 to 16) option enables students to live off-campus with local guardians or homestay families. Students who choose the Day Student option attend the Summer Life program from breakfast at 7:30 am to after-evening activities at 9 pm. Please note that UCC Summer Life will not be organizing accommodations for day students; families must find local accommodations if the day option is chosen.

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