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Upper School

About the Upper School

At UCC, we offer countless opportunities for each boy to explore and develop his unique strengths and talents, and to embark on his journey to develop into the best version of himself. The strength of a UCC education is our commitment to providing transformational learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom. 

The Upper School’s rich and diverse programming offers something for everyone — from design thinking, creative writing and film making, to high-level varsity sports and service in the community. With expert, highly committed faculty working alongside each student to encourage and nurture his growth, each boy finds his niche, whatever his interests.

Our commitment to the International Baccalaureate’s Middle Years Programme and Diploma Programme offers a rigorous and balanced learning experience. Our boys learn, not simply by gathering factual knowledge about the world. Rather, they are challenged to become active, lifelong thinkers and to become principled, global citizens. We foster in our boys an ability to feel comfort with difference, while recognizing our interdependence upon each other, both near and far. Deepening our boys’ understanding of our common humanity is a life lesson that will resonate far beyond graduation.

The College community is a pillar of strength and support for all, comprised of students, faculty and staff, parents, alumni and friends, and the wellbeing of every member is a priority. I invite you to learn more about us and I look forward to welcoming you.  
    • Jeff Aitken

      Jeff Aitken

      Head, Upper School

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