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Design & Innovation

Principal's Innovation Fund

UCC Principal’s Innovation Fund

The Principal’s Innovation Fund supports faculty and staff as they explore compelling areas of research and development aimed at enhancing teaching, enriching student learning, and achieving operational effectiveness.
Executive Director of Information and Innovation Kathleen Peak outlines that each project proposal is assessed on a range of criteria: “Does it align with UCC’s strategic plan? Is it innovative? Can it be expanded? Can the project be sustained?” 

Grants have been awarded for a wide range of novel proposals since the program’s inception in September 2018. Applicants have focused on such topics as decreasing distraction from devices in the classroom, optimizing efficiency in business processes with the help of AI-powered learning modules, acquiring VR technology to help create artworks and heighten learning, and incorporating mindfulness to improve physical and mental wellbeing.

2022–23 projects

List of 3 items.

  • 3-D/VR art creation offers immersive experience

    Ryan Archer and Anne Kaye
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  • ClearCompany partnership elevates onboarding experience for faculty and staff

    Timea Godor and Kathleen Peak
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  • VR Goggles enhance student learning

    Joanna Martin
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2018–2021 projects

List of 5 items.

  • UCC Partners with Ametros Learning

    Project leaders: Kathleen Peak and Sarah Barclay
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  • Helping students and educators minimize digital distraction and maximize learning

    Project leaders: Sarah Barclay and Lara Jensen
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  • Hybrid math techniques enrich Year 6 learning

    Project leader: Emilia Martin
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  • Mindfulness matters

    Project leaders: Catharine Erb and Christie Gordon
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  • UCC’s VR program, and “A Day in the Life of a UCC Boy”

    Project leaders: Ryan Archer and David Crawford
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