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UCC Principal’s Innovation Fund | 2019-20 Projects

The Principal’s Innovation Fund, launched in September 2018, provides grants to faculty and staff. The goal is to undertake innovative areas of research and development, to advance learning, teaching and operational effectiveness.

Seven projects, from submitted and peer-reviewed proposals, were selected for funding during the 2019-20 school year. They include work around tech and learning, gamification, pluralism, executive functioning and self-regulation, deep reading, efficient workflows, online assessment and evaluation.
How might we embody pluralism to improve the day-to-day experiences of the Upper Canada College community?

This project will explore the ways to help minoritized students feel more comfortable in their identities because it is important for them to know they matter. (Patrice Callegaro)

How might we support students to read deeply, as defined by Maryanne Wolf, and in doing so, prepare them for success in DP Humanities?

This project will explore ways to help students to develop their "deep reading" abilities because it is of value and a necessity for success within our academic culture. (Dale Churchward)

How might we leverage technology to transform main office workflows in a way that reduces repetitive tasks, allows for more meaningful & rewarding work and stimulates personal and professional growth?

This project will explore ways to help attendance co-ordinators automate the process parents use to declare "explained" absences or to streamline data entry, remove inaccuracies and free up time from repetitive and often frustrating tasks. (Kathleen Peak)

How might we use dynamic online assessment and evaluation to enable students to demonstrate and apply conceptual knowledge?

This project will explore ways to help educators understand the effectiveness of online assessments so students have access to digital assessment tools that are interactive, innovative and supportive towards a modern education. (Craig Parkinson and Geoff Mohdati)

What is the chemistry of engagement? What are the dangers and opportunities in how EdTech tools seek to engage students?

This project will explore ways to help Upper School teachers identify the pedagogical opportunities and pitfalls of digital tools in order to use technology effectively in their classrooms. (Lincoln Smith)

How might we empower student learning and agency (voice, choice, ownership) through persistent and accessible feedback strategies?

This project will explore ways to help students get a better sense of formative assessment through badging in order to adopt positive/active learning, gain skills and level up. (Mark Hoel)

How might we help educators understand and support middle school learners to structure their contact time so students develop self-awareness, self-confidence and social connections?

This project will explore ways to help educators better understand and support middle school learning in order to leverage contact time to focus on building self-confidence. (Emilia Martin and Victoria Altomare)

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