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The UCC Experience

The ideal environment for future-building

Boys will discover amazing learning experiences, inspirational faculty members, top-tier facilities, countless sports and clubs, and a wide range of supports that care for their academic, social and emotional needs — not to mention a lifelong network of friends and fellow alumni willing to offer advice and support.

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  • Transformational learning

    There’s a reason why UCC boasts a 100 per cent university acceptance rate. Its outstanding liberal education is backed by experienced, passionate teachers who give students the tools they need to drive their own learning.
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  • Strong support system

    Students benefit from an awe-inspiring range of co-curriculars, including service learning opportunities, athletics, the arts and clubs, as well as a focus on student wellbeing at all ages.
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  • World-class boarding

    Our boarding program provides 86 Upper School students with a world-class experience. As valued members of the UCC community, boarding students provide the entire student body with an ongoing lesson in diversity, global perspectives and acceptance.
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  • Expert faculty

    Our faculty — many with international teaching experience and graduate degrees — include published authors, those who are involved action research projects, and instructors of other IB faculty. 
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  • Amazing facilities

    UCC’s 35-acre campus in Toronto’s Forest Hill neighbourhood — with professional-calibre theatres, a new Design Lab, airy art rooms, a fully equipped training and workout room, two gyms, a twin-pad arena, tennis courts, several playing fields and more — is second to none.
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  • Why a boys’ school?

    As specialists in boys’ education, we understand the unique ways in which boys learn and grow. Nevertheless, when considering the value of single-gender education, you’re sure to ask these questions: Why a boys’ school? What are boys’ unique learning needs? Will my son miss out on social contact with girls?
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  • Benefits of IB Programmes

    UCC aims to provide the highest-quality education that is ideally suited to the needs of boys at every stage of their development. We are confident that IB Programmes offer the world’s best curricular framework for realizing this goal.
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Our faculty research best practices worldwide

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  • Design Thinking trip to Thailand

  • Wellbeing trip to Australia

The word experience The UCC Difference