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Hailing from 26 different countries, our boarders are encouraged to share their unique perspectives in all aspects of student life so that the entire UCC community may appreciate different world views. Truly, it’s an example of pluralism at its best.
– Emma Kanga, Director of Residential Life
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  • Emma Kanga

    Director of Residential Life

Boarding life is at the very heart of the UCC experience

Our boarders enrich the lives and expand the perspectives of our entire student community.
The boarding community comprises more than 80 students aged 13 to 18 in a school of approximately 1,200. However, their presence is felt immediately upon entering the Upper School. From the Bernick Family Foyer there is clear view to our two boarding houses along with a stately quad that’s our boarders’ unofficial hangout. 

UCC's world-renowned delivery of the IB Diploma Programme within this boutique setting gives our grads an edge both in terms of acceptance and success at top universities and prepares them to meet the needs of global industries worldwide once they enter the workforce. Our boarding graduates have strong ties to UCC and we often hear them say the same thing: “It put us ahead of the game.”

Plus, Toronto offers a unique urban environment for students seeking a multicultural experience with vast off-campus opportunities. Its reputation as a safe and cosmopolitan city make it an ideal place to live and study.

Boarding success factors

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  • Located in the heart of Toronto

    The urban boarding experience offered at UCC is incomparable. We’re fortunate to be nestled in the heart of Toronto, a world-class city that reflects the diversity of our international boarding community. Taking factors such as safety, culture, pluralism and government stability into consideration, Toronto is an ideal environment for learning. Within a five-minute walk from the College, boarding students have access to our convenient public transit system and all that the city has to offer, including theatres, museums and professional sports centres.
  • Vast array of weekend and co-ed activities

    We provide a vast array of planned weekend activities, including co-ed events with students of local girls’ schools. In class and beyond, activities are designed to support the boys in their learning journeys. Some sample weekend activities:
    • International restaurants
    • Bike tours
    • Art Gallery of Ontario
    • Paintball
    • Amusement park
    • Winter skiing
    • Blue Jays baseball
    • Raptors basketball
    • Maple Leafs hockey
    • TFC soccer
    • Argonauts football
    • Rock climbing
    • Live theatre
    • Norval teambuilding
  • Caring faculty and staff to support wellbeing

    We are committed to providing students with a safe and rewarding residential experience. With a boarding staff-to-student ratio of 1:5, we have advisers and faculty who ensure that our boarding students develop the knowledge, self-awareness and strength of character that will help them succeed.  

    Within the boarding community, senior and associate house advisers assist students with most of their academic disciplines and provide day-to-day emotional support. Students are also encouraged to seek extra assistance from their subject teachers.

    A central part of life at UCC, the House System offers boys consistent daily support and organizes students for intramural sports, social activities with “sister” houses from nearby girls’ schools and more. Seaton’s and Wedd’s Houses are specifically for boarding students. Each house has a team of faculty and staff advisers and an elected student head.

    Residential staff include four senior house advisers, four residential house advisers and eight assistant house advisers.
    We also have committed Health Centre staff to provide medical care, assessment, emergency treatment and personal counselling. With full-time registered nurses and school counsellors, UCC keeps the development needs of adolescent boys foremost in mind. Boys have access to a local, on-call family physician, and UCC is a short drive to world-renowned hospitals, including the Hospital for Sick Children. Our Health Centre is a confidential space for discussing health and personal concerns. The school counsellor offers confidential counseling services and assists the house advisers, staff and parents to promote the wellbeing of students.
  • Communication with parents

    Parents are encouraged to contact the senior house adviser to discuss their son’s personal wellbeing and progress. Parents are always welcome and the senior house adviser will arrange conferences with teachers. Senior house advisers are committed to regular telephone or Skype calls home to discuss student progress.
  • Delicious, nutritious meals

    Nutritious delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinners are available in the Upper Dining Hall. Each house is equipped with fridges and a “toast and milk” room. Students may order delivery food at the discretion of the senior house adviser. They may also purchase food at the nearby grocery stores.
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