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The IB at UCC

I can tell you, as a University of Toronto professor, that the kids who come out of the IB Programme, whether at UCC or elsewhere, are very prepared for university. There is no doubt about that. You can tell if they’ve come through the IB Programme. 
 Louis Pauly, UCC Parent, Professor
UCC has offered the IB Diploma Programme (DP), considered the gold standard in university preparation, for more than 20 years with its focus on inquiry-based learning.

The IB Continuum at UCC

Research shows that Diploma Programme graduates are confident and well-prepared for post-secondary studies. Studies also show that IB graduates have better retention rates at university, compared with their non-IB counterparts. Our students consistently graduate with IB scores four points above the world average.
But the IB is more than a school curriculum that leads to post-secondary academic success. The internationally respected IB Programmes offer a continuum of learning from Senior Kindergarten through Year 12 with a focus on the growth of the whole student — on his academic and personal achievements. IB students love learning and are motivated to succeed, and the benefits begin early.
The IB framework at UCC supports a continuum of education oriented around the following:
  • A focus on students and their development, with a program for every age and stage of their development
  • Teaching boys how to learn; the intentional teaching of learning skills such as study skills, self-management and organization
  • A commitment to teaching best practice from SK to Year 12.
In addition, IB Programmes do the following:
  • Encourage students to think critically and challenge assumptions
  • Use complex, real-life examples to teach knowledge and skills
  • Focus on understanding, not just remembering facts
  • Teach students to drive their own learning
  • Encourage students to consider both local and global contexts
  • Develop well-rounded students who can collaborate effectively and act ethically.
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  • IB Learner Profile

    From Senior Kindergarten and up, IB Programmes inspire students to be inquirers, knowledgeable, thinkers, communicators, principled, open-minded, caring, risk-takers, balanced and reflective. These 10 qualities, which comprise the “IB Learner Profile,” are embodied in UCC’s core values, as outlined in our Strategic Directions, of Learning, Pluralism, Service, Community and Wellbeing.
  • History of the IB at UCC

    The International Baccalaureate Organization authorized UCC to provide the Diploma Programme in 1995. The Primary Years Programme (PYP) was authorized in 2004 and the Middle Years Programme (MYP) was authorized in 2020. UCC is the first boys’ school in North America to be an IB Continuum World School. 
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