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Our libraries are more than just a quiet retreat for study and research — they're integral partners in the delivery of our academic programs at all levels.
— Julia Kinnear, Academic Dean

A wealth of resources

Our libraries offer boys the opportunity to explore and learn, and to develop an appreciation for the written word.

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  • Wilder Library

    It’s an essential component of lifelong wellbeing — the ability to support one’s interests and development through reading. At the Wilder Library a culture of reading for growth, and a general love of reading, is developed and sustained. Students can inquire about and research any interest, drawing on a range of online resources, electronic reference materials and in-library volumes — everything from picture and chapter books, to graphic novels.

    With expert librarian guidance, students and parents can access online, searchable catalogues, UCC and public library collections, electronic encyclopedias and curriculum support organized by inquiry theme. Thoughtfully curated reading lists offer ideas for extracurricular weekend and summer reading.
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  • Macintosh Library

    The Macintosh Library is at the heart of the Upper School’s academic program. Upper School students learn that Google searches aren’t the only tool out there! A robust and expertly curated collection of in-library resources and curriculum-based materials includes the unique Heintzman Music Library Collection. With a wide variety of online book lists, databases and LibGuides, students learn to navigate their way through core and relevant resources in any particular subject field, class or assignment. They can access electronic encyclopedias and full-text databases accessible via the online library on the school network. It provides easy access to catalogues of major public and academic libraries in the Toronto area, as well as a collection of selected and authoritative websites also geared to their research needs.

    Students become apt at identifying research goals, assembling authoritative sources and, most importantly, learning to reflect critically on a chosen topic.
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List of 2 items.

  • Mari Roughneen

    Teacher-Librarian, Macintosh Library, Upper School
  • Mallory McKinney

    Teacher Librarian, Wilder Library, Prep School
Wilder Library Hours 
Monday to Thursday:
8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Macintosh Library Hours 
Monday to Friday:
8 a.m. – 6p.m.
The libraries at UCC collect resources in the following formats: print, digital, audio and DVD/video/video streaming. We will use the following resources to accommodate any request for a person with a disability requiring converted materials:
  • In-house assistive technologies: Google Read/Write.
  • Library systems
  • Vendors who currently or could supply the above-mentioned formats
  • AERO service when subscribed to by UCC
The word experience The UCC Difference