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UCC kicks off strategic plan consultations

Dear Upper Canada College community members,

With the proverbial “first 90 days” of leadership under my belt, I’m pleased to update you on our efforts to renew the College’s strategic directions. This is one of several key priorities for the academic year, and we’ve made good progress thus far.

UCC’s Board of Governors has endorsed the overall plan for this renewal process, unfolding over the next several months. Central to the plan is a commitment to an open, inclusive and consultative process; all UCC community members will have an opportunity to provide their input and suggestions.

We kicked off the stakeholder engagement process last weekend with our first-ever Old Boy Summit, hosted by the UCC Association Council. More than 120 Old Boys participated in robust and wide-ranging discussions on key themes relating to UCC’s future vision. We thank them for taking time on their Saturday morning to share their views with us.

I’m also pleased to share the news we’ve engaged consulting firm Berlineaton to help support and facilitate our planning process. Berlineaton is a leading provider to independent schools across Canada. Two representatives from that firm attended the Old Boy Summit to listen to our Old Boys’ perspectives and insights on the College.

As we embark on the next phase of our community consultations, I look forward to providing you with dates and details for various stakeholder conversations in the weeks and months ahead. I will be sharing with you a summary of the feedback received from all stakeholder groups.

Believe it or not, the 200th anniversary of UCC’s founding is just 13 years away. We expect our new strategic plan to inform and provide guidance for UCC’s vision as we steer towards that momentous occasion. I look forward to hearing from you all as we collaborate to shape our College’s future together.

Sam McKinney, Principal