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John D. Stevenson Award

The UCC Association established the John D. Stevenson Award in 1993 to recognize individuals who have provided outstanding volunteer service to the College over a number of years. The award was named to recognize the exceptional contributions of John D. Stevenson ’47. Nominations are elicited annually from all members of the College community. The Association Council reviews the nominations and selects a recipient.

louden x100
Louden Owen

Award recipient – 2017

Always willing to say yes in support of UCC, Loudon Owen ’76 is a deserving recipient of the 2017 John D. Stevenson Award.Owen’s formal volunteer roles include, among others: six years on the board of governors; co-chair of the Think Ahead campaign; and member of both the Association Council and the boarding task force. The prominent venture capitalist has been an active mentor to many Old Boys over the years and regularly meets with them during his travels.

“UCC is a seal of approval for me,” says Owen. “Old Boys have the same sensibility, ambition, global perspective and get-it-done attitude.”

This must be why Owen has supported so many Old Boys over the years. For a great example of this, read an Old Times article about Owen here.

“Loudon Owen is well-deserving of the John Stevenson Award,” says UCC parent and Old Boy Rich Elder ’78, who nominated Owen for the honour.

“As an Old Boy and past parent, he has tirelessly given back to our school community, serving as co-chair of the most successful fundraising campaign in school history. With his charismatic energy and inexhaustible drive, Loudon continues to be involved with the College and the mentorship of Old Boys to the benefit of everyone.”

Owen will receive the award at Founder’s Dinner on Wednesday, Feb. 15.

The UCC Association Council established the John D. Stevenson Award in 1993 to recognize individuals who’ve provided outstanding volunteer service to the College over a number of years. It recognizes the exceptional contributions of John D. Stevenson ’47. Nominations are elicited annually from all members of the College community.

Piera Morra

Award recipient – 2016

It’s always said of exemplary leaders: they make each person feel they’re the only one in the room. All who’ve worked with Piera Morra would agree she’s got that talent, and so many more. Morra is the 2015–16 winner of the John D. Stevenson Award for outstanding long-term volunteer service.

“Piera is the ultimate volunteer,” says Matt Johnson ’95, president of the UCC Association Council which bestows the award. After two decades of volunteer service, Morra remains a member of the Association Council though her three sons have graduated (Marco ’08, Alexander ’11 and Nicholas ’13).

“Piera is always full of energy and spirit, demonstrating her wonderful character each timeshe takes on another role,” says Johnson. 

Known for her humour, dedication and willingness to take on the smallest tasks if necessary, Morra has been both the Prep Parents’ Organization vice-chair and chair (2003 and 2004). She’s also been the Parents’ Organization vice-president and president (2009 and 2010). She’s been the Association Day committee chair (2009), a member of the Governance Review committee (2008 to 2010), and has served as a volunteer on the last three UCC galas, in 2004, 2007 and 2012.  These are only a few of the volunteer roles Piera has held in nearly 20 years of involvement with the College. 

Along the way she’s earned respect from parents who value her kindness, consideration and magical ability to find time for everyone. “The real deal” is a popular phrase to describe her. 

“Piera’s warmth, dedication and compassionate spirit makes her a great role model for any parent looking to involve themselves in volunteer activity as the school,” says Principal Jim Power.

David Walker 100x

David Walker ’51

Award recipient – 2015

In an age of “robocalls” from various charitable causes, it takes a special person to get on the phone to 1,000 fellow UCC alumni and have a wide-ranging personal conversation about the school with every single one.

It’s exactly this passion and belief in the power of grassroots support that have earned David Walker ’51 the UCC Association Council’s John D. Stevenson Award for 2015. The honour is given to individuals who’ve provided outstanding volunteer service to the College over a number of years. It recognizes the exceptional contributions of John D. Stevenson ’47 (who, coincidentally, was Walker’s head of house in McHugh’s).

David stepped up in November 2008 with an offer to personally telephone and solicit alumni for the annual fund, which is now called the UCC Fund. For more than a year he made 3,000 calls and connected with more than 1,000 Old Boys from all generations. In the end, he raised more than $100,000.

“For a retiree to step up, without being asked, and contact so many people with whom he has no personal connection is extraordinary,” said principal Jim Power. “The fact that he’s been so successful is remarkable. It’s a very special form of volunteer service.”

David was previously inducted into UCC’s Harold A.D. Roberts Circle in 2009 for his volunteer service, which includes standing as class president since 1997. He was an annual giving committee member in 2008 and 2009 and reunion giving chair in 2001. He’s a member of the Sir John Colborne Society for leadership donors.

David’s first foray into fundraising for UCC was in 1999 when classmates created endowed scholarships in honour of former teachers Jim Coulton and Jay MacDonald that ended up being worth more than $100,000 each.

David made annual giving calls in 2013 that raised approximately $15,000 for the Ted Stephenson Scholarship Fund, named for an Old Boy who taught at the College from 1964 to 1991.

“David has vigorously represented our class of 1951 for many years,demonstrating his enthusiastic love and dedication for UCC,” said Alec Pathy. “He’s most deserving of our thanks and recognition.”

Andy Pringle '69

Andy Pringle ’69

Award recipient – 2014

Andy Pringle ’69 takes the word “volunteer” to a different level. Throughout 33 years of service to the College he has been involved in many of its critical decisions and helped shape the school that it is — everything from co-chairing the original Association Day with Mark Dalton ’70 in 1980 to leading the final committee to review boarding in 2008 with Rob Prichard ’67.

Pringle is a founding partner and chairman of RP Investment Advisors, serves on the Toronto Police Services Board, is a member of the Independent Review Committee of Fidelity Canada and is chair of both the Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research and the Shaw Festival.

In addition to being Association Council president, Pringle was UCC board chair from 2002 to 2007. He has a long list of achievements and is most proud of the proper resolution of the sexual abuse issues from the 1970s. He oversaw these difficult challenges while serving as board chair and leader of the abuse case steering committee.

Another significant contribution was Pringle’s 10-year term as chair of various long-range planning committees and sub-committees from 1991 to 2001. During that time he oversaw the International Baccalaureate’s introduction in 1997, the school’s restructuring to accommodate the removal of Grade 13 in the fall of 2002 and the successful recruitment and appointment of Dr. Jim Power as the College’s principal in 2003.

Pringle was instrumental in the campaign which saw the successful completion of the William P. Wilder ’40 Arena & Sports Complex in 2008. He remains a lynchpin in UCC’s fundraising efforts, currently co-chairing the Think Ahead campaign and spearheading efforts to set a new bar for financial assistance.

The award is particularly meaningful to Pringle because he was president of the Association Council in 1987-88 at the same time John Stevenson chaired the board of governors. “He was very much a mentor,” says Pringle, “so it’s wonderful to be associated with someone who did so much for UCC for so many years.”


Hugh Innes '72

Hugh Innes ’72

Award recipient – 2013

Hugh Innes ’72 received the John D. Stevenson Award in recognition of his outstanding volunteerism at Upper Canada College.

Innes has been a dedicated volunteer since graduation and has served as class president. He was on the UCC Foundation board of trustees from 2000 to 2009 after becoming a member of the foundation’s investment committee in 1991. He chaired the investment committee and was responsible for a comprehensive review of the transfer formula. This review resulted in the development of the “Convergence Report” designed to demonstrate the impact of the correlation between investment returns, the transfer rate and tuition fee increases. This report served to increase awareness among the governing bodies of the College and the UCC Foundation of the important relationship between the school’s priorities and the growth of the foundation’s assets.

Innes has served on many committees and task forces in support of the UCC Association and has been actively involved in reunion planning and annual giving as a class president. He recently organized the fundraising effort that allowed College Times and Old Times to be digitized and made accessible to the community electronically.


Holly Miklas

Holly Miklas

Award recipient – 2012

Holly Miklas, an active volunteer at Upper Canada College since her son Adam enrolled in 1999, was the 2012 recipient of the John D. Stevenson Award.

Miklas’ extensive volunteer responsibilities at UCC grew in magnitude over the years since her son Matt ’12 joined brother Adam ’11. Four of the most important roles she played at UCC were: chairing the Ice Blue gala, fine wine auction and shopping night in 2004; co-chairing the arena fundraising campaign cabinet with her husband Paul in 2006; chairing the Prep Parents’ Organization in 2006 and 2007; and president of the Parents’ Organization for 2011 and 2012. She also served as a member of the UCC Association Council.

“Holly is a natural people person,” says Leslie Alboini, mother of James Alboini ’09 and one of three people who nominated Miklas for the John D. Stevenson Award. “She is always positive and upbeat.

“She leads effectively and has the respect of her committee members. Holly is inclusive and a true team player. She is an excellent mentor. No volunteer job is too big or too challenging for her. When asked to take on a volunteer role at the Prep or the Upper School, Holly has always said ‘yes’ because she wanted to.”

“Holly has been one of the most important volunteer contributors to UCC since before my arrival at the school in 2004, and she’s most deserving of the John D. Stevenson Award,” says principal Jim Power. “Holly is a pleasure to deal with and has worked selflessly in numerous capacities to make the College a welcoming and valued place for boys and their parents.

“Her commitment and passion has made her a great ambassador in the UCC community, and I’m thankful for and appreciative of everything she’s done.”


Martha Shaw 

Award recipient – 2011

Martha Shaw was recognized for her warmth, dedication and passion for the College.

Shaw is a true leader who always has a smile and is ready to take on any challenge brought her way. The volunteer veteran is the mother of four Old Boys: David ’98, Christopher ’99, Stephen ’01 and Nicholas ’09. Among her myriad contributions to College life, Martha and husband David co-chaired the 2007 Blue Ties auction and gala which raised $1.5 million to fund the William P. Wilder ’40 Arena & Sports Complex.

“Martha worked diligently and almost daily for the two-year period leading up to the gala,” says UCC parent and volunteer Lesley Alboini, who nominated Shaw for the award. “She led her large team with skill, tact and diplomacy to achieve such positive results. Her enthusiasm and commitment were always visible.”

Shaw received the Harold A. D. Roberts Circle Award in 2009 for service. Her countless commitments also include numerous Parents’ Organization appointments, co-chairing Festive Marketplace, and Grandparents’ Day and Association Day positions.

“Few have given so much to the College for so many years,” says Alboini.



Roly Watt ’62

Award recipient – 2010

Upper Canada College is fortunate to have many outstanding volunteers, but the 2010 recipient of the John D. Stevenson Award stands alone in his commitment to ensuring the well-being of the College.
Roland (Roly) Browning Watt ’62, Q.C., has a strong family tradition of volunteerism. He’s served as chair or vice-chair of the Don Mills Foundation for Seniors, the North York General Hospital Foundation and the Better Living Charitable Foundation. He’s a director of the Rosedale Day School and a trustee of the Pet Trust at the Ontario Veterinary College at the University of Guelph.
Watt joined the board of the UCC Foundation in 1994 and became chairman in 2001. Since being elected chair of the foundation, he’s attended almost all UCC Association branch events around the world at his own expense, making friends for the College with many Old Boys and their families in far-flung places. At home he served on many UCC committees, including the principal’s search committee. He also sat with the College’s board of governors. He’s frequently acted as a quiet adviser to many friends and faculty members at the school. Watt is a member of UCC’s Scadding Society, the Sir John Colborne Society and the Russell Square Society. He continues to serve as a trustee of the UCC foundations in both the United States and the United Kingdom.
Watt established the Browning Watt Foundation Speaker’s Fund at the school to perpetuate the joy he felt as a student when an invited speaker would go too long at “prayers” — and dig into the time otherwise allotted to Mr. Bremner’s mathematics class. Later he established the Browning Watt Foundation Scholarship to provide financial aid for students who would otherwise be unable to attend UCC. The need for increased financial aid at the College is a matter about which he feels strongly. Watt retired from the UCC Foundation’s board in 2008 but remains active in the College community.
UCC is fortunate to have benefitted from Watt’s expertise and selfless commitment in so many capacities for so many years. Watt is a true friend to literally hundreds of members of the UCC family. The UCC Association was honoured to recognize Watt as the 2010 recipient of the John D. Stevenson Award.


Vivien Cappe – Parent ’03 and ’09

Award recipient – 2009

It’s impossible for Vivien Cappe to make it across the full length of a UCC hallway without interruption; either she has stopped to chat with you or she’s being hailed by someone. Everyone loves a good chat with Cappe and everyone feels comfortable in her presence — students, parents, staff or faculty. She’s a natural community builder.

Cappe is the mother of eight children, three girls and five boys, including Jesse ’03 and Tyler ’09. Her connection to the College deepened each year. When Jesse first attended the Prep in 1993, Cappe jumped right in as a form representative. She’s volunteered in countless ways since then. She was Association Day chair in 2008 and president of the 2007–08 Parents’ Organization. On her initiative, the Spring Arts Festival became an annual event and the “Making a Difference” speaker series welcomes inspiring Canadians to the UCC stage. Her community involvement on behalf of the College includes clothing and food drives and a Mother’s Day campaign to assist women in shelters. From chairing registration and the silent auction at the 2007 Blue Ties Gala to volunteering for Grandparents’ Days and chairing bingo night at the Prep, Cappe’s involvement at the College is heartfelt, consistently energetic and exceeds all expectations.

“Vivien’s involvement at UCC has been a life-altering experience for her and for her family,” says her husband Leslie. “Vivien has only one way of approaching any task, large or small — with heart, with feeling and with care for all her peers.”

Cappe was presented with the John D. Stevenson Award at Founder’s Dinner on Feb. 11, 2009.


Ted Mills ’81

Award recipient – 2008

Ted Mills is the consummate “in the trenches” UCC volunteer who has quietly championed UCC since graduating in 1981.

Mills’ primary volunteer involvement has related to the College’s Norval property. He’s a longtime member of the Norval committee, a member of the outdoor environmental committee and chair of the outdoor education committee.

Mills is a lawyer and spent countless volunteer hours managing the legal matters related to Norval. His legal expertise, along with his passion for Norval, were essential to the proper and timely handling of many Norval issues. He was also a member of UCC’s green school advisory council and the energy advisory committee, and has chaired Founder’s Dinner in the past.

Mills was presented with the John D. Stevenson Award at Founder’s Dinner on Jan. 30, 2008.

Carmen Ford – Parent ’07

Award recipient – 2007

Patricia Gouinlock – Parent ’05 and ’08

Award recipient – 2006

David Caspari ’67

Award recipient – 2005

Ian Marchbank Gray ’54

Award recipient – 2004

Nancy Hamm – Parent ’99, ’02 and ’03

Award recipient – 2003

Shirley Domelle – Parent ’02

Award recipient – 2002

Campbell Parsons ’37

Award recipient – 2001

Tom Scoon ’69

Award recipient – 2000

Sue Schaal – Parent ’99 and ’00

Award recipient – 1999

Lynda Dryden – Parent ’97

Award recipient – 1998

Alan Ely ’65

Award recipient – 1997

Janet Kennish – Parent ’84, ’90 and ’97

Award recipient – 1996

Hazel Kawaja – Parent ’83, ’92, ’94 and ’95

Award recipient – 1995

A.M. and John Jarvis ’40

Award recipient – 1994


Nominate an individual for the John D. Stevenson Award

Great volunteers demonstrate commitment, common sense and an innate understanding of an organization’s aims. Few have displayed these capacities more clearly than John Stevenson.

As a student he was deeply involved in College life (1942-47). Among his achievements, he won a Proficiency Prize for academic merit and was assistant editor of The College Times. He was also a prefect, platoon commander in the battalion and a member of the First Football Team.

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