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Lang Scholar Nomination Process


Selection committee

Nomination Process

Each May, students currently in Year 9, 10 or 11 who possess exemplary academic and athletic ability coupled with demonstrated leadership skills are nominated by their coaches for the Lang Scholar program.  These nominations are reviewed by the selection committee with input from advisers. Successful nominees are asked to submit a letter of interest in becoming a Lang Scholar and an essay explaining their interpretation of leadership.  These letters and essays are reviewed by the selection committee and the roster of new Scholars is established.

Nominations are reviewed with the following criteria:

Students nominated by their coaches who are subsequently not asked to submit a letter of interest and essay are not advised of their nomination.

Students who have been asked to submit a letter of interest and essay and are not chosen as a Lang Scholar are advised of the decision in a personal meeting with David McBride. Mr. McBride provides feedback on why they were not selected, as well as encouragement on how to work towards the distinction for the next year.


Lang Scholars are expected to uphold and continue to embody the selection requirements throughout their time at the school.  As such, the selection committee will annually review the scholars’ achievements and performance, both academic and extracurricular, to ensure they uphold the high standards they’re expected to bear as ambassadors for the program.