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J.P. Mackay '02

Why I give back to UCC
Like so many Old Boys, I consider my years at UCC transformational. I'm especially grateful, because I wouldn't have had the opportunity to attend the College without the generous support my family and I received through the financial assistance program. 

When I graduated in 2002, fewer than five per cent of boys received financial assistance. Today, almost 20 per cent of UCC families receive needs-based bursaries. As we look towards the College's bicentennial, we should aspire to ensure UCC is fully accessible to the best and brightest, regardless of their financial circumstances.

As a past recipient of financial assistance, I have a responsibility to give back and champion the College's efforts to increase accessibility to families like mine. When I was a student, the Barbara A. Barrow Scholarship Foundation helped fund my education. Today, I'm proud to serve as the Barrow Foundation's Chair. I also have the privilege of serving as a member of the Lang Scholar Advisory Board and Association Council.

Through these commitments, I not only want to make a positive difference for current and future students, but demonstrate my sincere gratitude to those whose generosity made my UCC experience possible.
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