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Vivien Cappe

Vivien Cappe is the mother of eight children, three girls and five boys, including Jesse ’03 and Tyler ’09. Her connection to the College deepened each year. When Jesse first attended the Prep in 1993, Cappe jumped right in as a form representative. She volunteered in countless ways since then including as Association Day chair in 2008 and president of the 2007–08 Parents’ Organization. Her community involvement on behalf of the College includes clothing and food drives and a Mother’s Day campaign to assist women in shelters. From chairing registration and the silent auction at the 2007 Blue Ties Gala to volunteering for Grandparents’ Days and chairing bingo night at the Prep, Cappe’s involvement at the College is heartfelt, consistently energetic and exceeds all expectations.
“Vivien’s involvement at UCC has been a life-altering experience for her and for her family,” says her husband Leslie. “Vivien has only one way of approaching any task, large or small — with heart, with feeling and with care for all her peers.”

Cappe was presented with the John D. Stevenson Award at Founder’s Dinner on Feb. 11, 2009.
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