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Karin Lawton

The parent of Henry Bloemen ’11 made a significant contribution to the school by recording the life of the College through her photographs. Lawton’s extraordinary photos have been published in the BBC e-newsletter, the ABC e-newsletter, in video montages and on the College’s website. They’ve captured the fun and spirit of athletic events and raised awareness of athletics and the arts at UCC.

Lawton and her husband Peter-Paul Bloemen are founding members of the BBC. She’s been the source of innovative ideas for Association Day, Winterfest and May Day. She’s one of the driving forces behind the Spirit of Athletics — Blues Awards. Lawton also designed and produced the now ubiquitous Blues fan scarf, the Blue Army flags that accompany the Blue Army wherever they go, the Go Blues banners that are proudly waved by the Blue Army at all major athletic events, and house banners. Her unflagging determination, hard work and commitment have left the school a better place.
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