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Peter MacGowan ’77

Peter MacGowan is an Old Boy from the class of 1977 and the parent of Skyler ’11. In addition to his longtime contributions to the Association Council and work as a member of the board of governors, he’s had a long and profound impact on the UCC rowing program. As a student, MacGowan was one of the early members of the rowing program at UCC (during a time when UCC rowing came to the fore as a world-class high school program) and, with several teammates, went on to compete for Canada in the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles.

When his son Skyler began to row, Peter reconnected with the program and his contribution has been extraordinary. He’s played an active role on the UCC rowing parents’ committee and was instrumental in designing and implementing the safety program for UCC rowing, which is a model for all other high school and university-level programs to emulate. MacGowan has coached UCC crews to several medals at the Canadian Secondary School Rowing Championships and served as president of Hanlan Boat Club, the on-water home of UCC rowing since he and his UCC colleagues first built the facility in the 1970s.

As a UCC governor, MacGowan is a member of the long range planning sub-committee, the property sub-committee and chair of the governance and nominating sub-committee. He also served on the long range planning committee on Norval.
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