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Andy Burgess ’83

After almost two decades of exceptional volunteer service to the College, Andy Burgess ’83 earned the 2018-19 John D. Stevenson Award. Best known to all as chairman of UCC’s Board of Governors from 2010 to 2014, Burgess was a driving force behind the success of the College’s $100-million Think Ahead Campaign.

“Andy has never really left UCC since graduating as Head Steward in 1983,” writes the group of peers who nominated him for the award. Whether fulfilling his duties as a 35-year class president and collector of his peers’ news for Old Times, or sporting his tattered, leather, blue football jacket to cheer on the Blues at varsity football games, Burgess is a tireless champion of the College.

“He is a true UCC brand ambassador,” says Ian Martin ’83. Among his countless volunteer roles, Burgess was also a board member from 2005 to 2009, a member of the Principal’s Advisory Council from 2009 to 2013, a Foundation Trustee and Association Council member, and Common Ties mentor.
In terms of his legacy at the College, his role in championing financial assistance as a campaign priority, is a key aspect of his involvement. “While there have been many influential activists and generous donors to various scholarship funds, it is my view that Andy has been the crucial force in promoting the need to open up accessibility to UCC life to boys who do not have the financial resources to attend otherwise.” says Jock Lowndes ’83.
Burgess is the father of Charlie ’13 and Campbell ’18.
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