Jason Rabinovitch ’04

Young Old Boy of Distinction (2019)
As this year’s Young Old Boy of Distinction, Rabinovitch will be recognized not only for the significant contributions he has made in the field of space science since graduating from UCC, but also for upholding the principles and values of the College in his dedication to community service and mentorship.
Rabinovitch earned a degree in mechanical engineering from Yale, then completed two master’s degrees, as well as a PhD in aeronautics. He’s currently a mechanical engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory where he has worked on everything from the Mars Helicopter to supersonic parachute deployments for space missions. He regularly shares his passion for science by giving talks in schools (including at UCC), mentoring students and co-leading the Caltech Space Challenge, an opportunity for graduate and undergraduate students to design a space exploration mission.
Stephen Robinson ’04 met Rabinovitch at the Prep school, where the two discovered that they were born on the same day. They’ve been friends ever since. “As long as I can remember, Jason has been a leader in his many social groups; at school, on the rink, and in the sailboat,” Robinson says in his nomination. “At Caltech, and now at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, Jason is often sent as a representative to all manner of events. In this role, Jason explores ideas with other scientists and engineers, educates the public and inspires the dreams of the future generations. Jason followed his own dreams to a career in space science and his sincere enthusiasm for the work is infectious.”
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