Jill Adolphe

Jill is a dedicated UCC volunteer and served on the Association Council from 2012-2017, and re-joined in 2018, as co-president of the Parents’ Organization. She is a member of the Council’s Wellbeing Committee. Jill received the Harold A.D. Roberts Circle Award in 2015 and the John D. Stevenson Award in 2018.
Jill is co-founder of Care 2 Collaborate. She is a patient and caregiver engagement specialist, with expertise in patient and family-centred care. She advises healthcare policy-makers, organizations, academic institutions, providers, patients and families.
Jill holds an HBA in Economics from the University of Toronto and a Graduate Diploma in Business from the London School of Economics.
Jill and her husband Kevin have a daughter, Lauren, and three sons,
Nicholas ’17, Alexander ’17 and Christopher ’20.
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