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Manucha & Bellamy Studio Theatre

Completed: November 2019

The renovated and reconfigured Manucha & Bellamy Studio Theatre showcased the production of Antigone in November 2019, the first of many performances to be hosted in this space. The Manucha & Bellamy Studio Theatre is now a functional space for performances, classes, film, and meetings.
The theatre’s improvements include a sound and lighting booth equipped with the latest digital technology, as well as comfortable new seats and a growth in seating capacity, due to a reconfigured seating plan that replaces a centre aisle with twin side aisles. The new HVAC system is barely audible and the new lighting grid offers flexibility in lighting design. For classroom use and film, the space contains whiteboards, screens and a projector.
“The reimagined space is a better fit for co-curricular theatre and theatre classes,” says Dale Churchward, the director of the co-curricular theatre program, who also teaches theatre in UCC’s International Baccalaureate program. “It’s been redesigned with multiple uses in mind, film and lectures as well.”
While the stage floor is black, the overall space is brighter, extending an invitation to future theatre productions, film presentations, classes, and events as yet unforeseen.
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