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Franca Peri

From the moment her sons Robert and John joined UCC in 2009, Franca worked tirelessly for the student athletes, not only for the teams on which her sons have played but all teams. She’d haul cases of beverages and snacks to every game without expecting anything in return.  A volunteer for the Used Blues Shop (TUBS), Franca would come early to set out snacks for boys, in case they missed breakfast. “Over the years the boys and staff would simply come in to say hello and let me know how they were doing; they became regulars,” she says. Also a member of the Parents’ Organization, Association Day’s silent auction co-chair, the Arts Booster Club’s treasurer and a team parent co-ordinator for the Blues Booster Club, she considered all UCC boys her family.

“If Franca owned a castle, she would be in the trenches helping the hired staff,” says her nomination for this award. “Tireless, passionate and a caring volunteer; that’s Franca.”  

Franca is the mother of John ’17 and Robert ’19.
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