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Verena Dong Simone Odendaal

Verena Dong and Simone Odendaal

Dong and Odendaal have been volunteers at UCC since their younger sons, both 2020 grads, entered the school in Year 3. Both women are members of the Parents’ Organization and past members of the Prep Parents’ Organization.
“From their early days at UCC, they both eagerly became involved in Prep School life as class reps, bake sale co-ordinators, PPO Arts Appreciation liaisons, and library, Prep Shop and A-Day volunteers,” writes a nominator. “In these roles, they always promoted community spirit.” 

Both also served as the PO’s TUBS co-coordinators for the past three years, overseeing volunteers, hosting monthly volunteers’ lunches and raising extra money for TUBS at Festive Marketplace. 
“For the past nine years, this dynamic duo has gone ‘above and beyond the call of duty,’ making outstanding contributions to UCC,” says a nominator. “In all their different volunteer capacities, their focus has always been on improving both the student experience and the parent volunteer experience, thereby significantly improving the UCC Association and the College community. Simone and Verena are selfless, dedicated volunteer role models, who lead by example.” 
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