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Ken Tanenbaum

Tanenbaum, vice-chair of Kilmer Van Nostrand, is an honorary trustee of the UCC Foundation and has served on the College’s board of governors twice: from 2007–2012 and from 2015–2019, including a stint as vice-chair in 2017–18 and membership on a number of board committees. A philanthropic supporter of the College, Ken was also a member of the Think Ahead Campaign cabinet from 2010 to 2012. 

“Ken served two non-successive terms on the board under four different board chairs and his contributions were enormous,” writes his nominator. “He served on numerous board sub-committees and continues to help out in this capacity.

“His affinity and love for the College is deeply rooted in a profound respect for our values, or as he puts it, ‘the enduring commitment UCC has to Canada’s potential.’ Beyond this, he has always been quick to volunteer time and resources when asked, and he is, and will continue to be, a lifelong supporter.”

All three of Tanenbaum’s sons have attended or currently attend the College. Jack graduated in 2018 and Ethan in 2020; Dylan will graduate in 2022.
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