Allen Champagne '11

Young Old Boy of Distinction (2020)
Allen was the 2020 recipient of the Young Old Boy of Distinction award. He is making a remarkable impact on reducing the effects of concussion in athletes participating in contact sports, as well as upholding the principles and values of the College in his dedication to community service and mentorship. 

During his time at UCC, Allen was the recipient of many scholarships and awards for his achievements and excellent performance in academics and athletics, including the Lorne McKenzie Medal and the General Proficiency Award. He played varsity football and rugby, and was head of Seaton’s House in 2011. 

After completing his undergraduate degree as a double major in biology and sport science at the University of North Carolina as a prestigious Morehead-Cain scholar, Allen enrolled at Queen’s University in the MSc. program and continued his football career with the Gaels. Following injuries that re-routed his path away from the Canadian Football League, Allen refocused his efforts towards entering the joint MD/PhD program so that he could leverage his football expertise in order to study the effects of sport-related head impacts on the brain, as well as concussions. 

Allen has recently completed his PhD in neuroscience at Queen’s and is working on his medical degree. He is the lead developer of the NeuroProtection Project, an Ontario and Québec-based initiative which aims to make contact sports safer. Beyond his research and academics, Allen is active at UCC as a Lang Scholar mentor, a defensive-line assistant coach for the Queen's University football team, and co-founder of the Concussion Education, Safety and Awareness Program (CESAP), a student-led volunteer program raising awareness about sport-related head injuries throughout the country.  
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