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Chris Cottier ’70

Last year's recipient of the John D. Stevenson Award was Chris Cottier ’70, who for nearly 40 years has been UCC’s Vancouver branch president, a leader and trusted mentor in the College community, and a global ambassador for the school.

Chris has been an exceptional relationship builder, going out of his way to get to know alumni living in or passing through Vancouver, and helping to connect graduates to the school and one another. In addition to hosting events, Chris is known to individually welcome new graduates to the region, and to take an interest in their personal and professional successes over the long term.

Chris has mentored numerous alumni through the Common Ties Alumni Network. Through his own initiative, he has been an important contributor to the UCC Association's engagement mandate. Chris' legacy of volunteering extends to the broader community, and dates back to his time as a student at UCC, when in his final year he was the organizer behind a Rotary-sponsored service club called "Interact," a precursor to the College's current community service program. 

His commitment to serving others is demonstrated in many areas of his life. Chris has volunteered at various international sports events, including the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and Paralympics, the 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics, the 2015 Toronto Pan Am Games, IIHF Junior World Championships, as well as the FIFA Men’s U-20 and Women’s U-19 World Cups. Chris' service to the community has consistently exemplified the College's values, and his leadership has become the de facto gold standard of branch volunteer leadership at UCC.
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