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Elissa Fingold

As the spouse of an Old Boy (David ’85) and mother to two young Old Boys (Maxwell ’17 and Joseph ’20), Elissa Fingold began serving as a volunteer with UCC in 2009, working to ensure that the College thrives.

"I’m honoured and delighted by this recognition," says Fingold. "It was a wonderful way to champion the boys, participate in school life and get to know UCC’s vibrant community. I’m particularly grateful for the friendships and connections I made during my time there." 

Fingold served as chair and vice-chair of the Arts Booster Club from 2016 to 2019 and has been the music representative since 2015. She’s volunteered for Association Day since 2014 and was a member of the 2019–2020 A-Day steering committee. Fingold is a past member of both the Prep Parents' Organization — where she represented Year 5 and Year 7 — and the Parents’ Organization. She was also an organizer for the 2018 and 2019 Mother and Son evenings. In addition, she helped to organize the Nuit Bleue Languages Café, volunteers at the Used Blues Shop and has written for UCC's website.
 "As fellows in the UCC community, we cannot emphasize how beloved she is and how proud of her we are," wrote Fingold’s nominators. “She is far more comfortable behind the scenes and shuns the limelight. All of the volunteering she has ever done has always been about celebrating the boys and their successes. Elissa's contribution has always been with the goal of making the students' experience at UCC as inspirational as possible.” 
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