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Justin Wu ’04

Young Old Boy of Distinction (2022)
Career and volunteerism highlights thus far include acclaimed television director of shows including Kim’s Convenience and Run the Burbs, fashion photographer for brands like Vogue and Dior, speaker for Greenpeace, awareness campaign developer for the United Nations, and a 2021 nomination for Image Maker of the Year by the Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards.

“I believe it’s our civic responsibility to give back and contribute to the community. In a country that is ever-changing and can be divided, volunteerism and philanthropy enriches and elevates society by the act of uplifting everyone, together. It not only grounds you, but teaches you the value of empathy, collectivism and altruism. Being named the Young Old Boy of Distinction is an honour, and a reflection of where I came from. I wasn’t an overachiever growing up — but one can blossom at any time. I hope that part of my journey can inspire the next generation.”
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