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Kanwaljeet Biln

Originally from Edmonton, Kanwaljeet Biln began her career on campus in Special Events and Development while working towards her BA at the University of Alberta in 2002. Upon moving to Toronto in 2006, she took a personal interest in homelessness and chose to shift focus to philanthropy and housing — first with Good Shepherd Ministries and then Fife House.  After a decade-long break staying home to raise children, Kanwaljeet joined The Bishop Strachan School’s Development Office in 2022 as Manager of Special Events and Stewardship. 
The transition back to work was made easier with her daughter currently attending BSS and her son, Julien Madhany ‘30, only blocks away at UCC. Kanwaljeet took on the role of President, Prep Parents Organization in the 2022–23 academic year after serving as VP the year prior and volunteering in other capacities since joining the Prep Community when Julien was in SK.
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