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Dr. Nick Holton

2023 Casey Fellow
This year’s first Casey Fellow Dr. Nick Holton spoke to our community about mental health and wellbeing and presented what the latest wellbeing science teaches us about nurturing mentally healthy and resilient children and adolescents, both in school and at home.

Dr. Holton’s presentation, Antifragility: Fostering Mental Health and Wellbeing in Children and Adolescents, considered questions such as: What do mental health and wellbeing mean? How do we measure them in children and adolescents? Most importantly, how do we create the most enabling conditions to promote mental health and wellbeing for children and adolescents? 

Dr. Holton provided concrete examples of how educators and parents can proactively promote mental health and wellbeing and prevent psychological ill-being in our UCC students. Dr. Holton also shared some of the best ways to measure the development of life skills that can contribute to overall youth wellbeing, as well as measuring youth wellbeing directly. His talk included actionable steps that adults can take to foster and measure their own integral wellbeing, which has been shown to be a precursor to youth wellbeing. In short, as adults, we need to learn and live wellbeing skills before we can teach them explicitly to youth or embed them into what we teach in a more implicit manner.
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