A family approach to giving

UCC parents and donors Angel Wu and Albert Du and their sons are proud to be part of the College’s culture of philanthropy. 
Wu and Du, who relocated to Canada from Beijing, sought out the College for their children. Two of their boys are currently in Year 3 and Year 6, respectively. "UCC has a wealth of experience in raising well-rounded boys," says Wu. The family’s contributions to the school demonstrate their gratitude in a meaningful way — with wide-ranging benefits to the whole community. 

Their gifts to the College include a donation to the Hixon Family Design Lab; they also have a named classroom in the Parkin Building at the Prep.

"We take the boys’ ideas into account in our philanthropic decision-making process," Wu says. "We chose to donate to the design lab because they like design very much. And, my son was very excited to see our family name on the door of a classroom; it reminds him to be proud of helping."

The family is deeply dedicated to giving back with the aim of improving society as a whole. Their other acts of generosity include supporting a primary school in China, assisting university students with their tuition, and donating annually to schools, hospitals and churches.

"I’m very proud that we have the ability to help others," Wu says, "and I strongly believe that education is not a one-way street. Both parents and children have a responsibility to participate actively and help the school to grow."

She underscores this conviction by volunteering at UCC open houses and other events, and hopes to become involved with the library in the future. "I recognize all that the teachers do for our boys, who are happy and enjoying school. As parents, we want to do our part."

Wu recently made a gift to the College in celebration of her birthday. "In the Chinese tradition, if you do good on your birthday, life will bring you good things, too," she says. It also provides a wonderful example for Wu’s sons, and young people in general. 

Says Wu, "We hope that our boys become people who have a sense of responsibility to society. They’re learning how to be grateful for what they have and what they can give, and will be able to make the world a better place through their efforts."
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