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IB Film Showcase screens at TIFF Lightbox

The event on April 16 is a celebration of the final short films created by Year 12 students, as well as works by Year 11s.
“It’s great for students to see their work on the big screen and people’s reactions to it,” says David Crawford, course director. 

The showcase will be held in collaboration with the York School and the Toronto Montessori School. It’s student-run with assistance from teachers as needed. Ultimately, Crawford would like to expand the event to offer daytime workshops for students from all of the schools involved prior to the evening screenings.

The Year 12 films are the culmination of four years of classwork at UCC, says Crawford. In Year 9, students learn about Foley artistry and signage, while in Year 10, they study cinematic analysis and media techniques. By Year 11, they understand the editing programs and camera work necessary to create a movie and they eagerly tackle the opportunities presented.

This year’s graduating film class has only seven students, but the Year 11 cohort has 32. It varies, notes Crawford.

“Many parents know people in the film industry, so they’re not scared about their children pursuing it as a career,” he says. “They understand the breadth of work people can do.”

Two members of the Class of 2024 are heading to film programs in the fall: Thomas Harmantas to New York University and Ray Wu to Columbia University.

“I’ve been into film since I was very young,” says Ray, “and I started to take it seriously thanks to UCC. I saw the film room and the resources and that was motivating. I became head of the film club and in the summers, I started interning on film sets,” something he is now encouraging younger UCC students to do, too.

He’s excited about seeing the final film of his IB career at TIFF. Door Dashed is a collaboration between Ray and a few Year 12 classmates, including Leo Schneeberg.

“I’m passionate about this class and it has been amazing,” says Leo. “Making this film has been the most fun I’ve had in school from the initial process and planning through the editing. Film allows me to collaborate with others through art and to express myself creatively using skills I’ve learned in other areas.”

He, too, is looking forward to the TIFF event. 

“It’s nice to be in a community of young people who love film.”
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