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Aviation Club members learn about future of flight on Ottawa trip

Nine students had the great pleasure to attend the Canadian Aerospace Summit in Ottawa and the Gatineau-Ottawa Executive Airport and Canadian Aviation and Space Museum, Nov. 13 and 14.
Upon arrival in Ottawa, the boys visited Parliament Hill and then quickly set into the busy conference schedule the next day. The Summit is one of the world-class aerospace summits, featuring more than 1,200 participants, more than 100 Canadian and international aerospace companies, and 35 renowned speakers. The boys explored much of the Summit with the one general but important question in mind: What will the next generation of aviation be like and what can young aviation enthusiasts do?
At the Summit, the boys had a discussion with Jim Quick, CEO of Aerospace Industries Association of Canada, about some current employment status and problems in the aviation industry, as well as how future generation can help to create a more equalized and professional aerospace industry. On Wednesday, the boys had the privilege to meet The Hon. Jean Charest, former Deputy Prime Minister and Québec Premier, and Jim Bridenstine, NASA Administrator, to have a brief but rewarding conversation on the some current and future NASA missions to the moon. Mr. Bridenstine also encouraged the boys to continue exploring and pursuing their dreams.
“The conference helped comprehend just how much I don't know about the field of aviation. From the transfer of materials to the actual construction of the plane to transportation and everything in between, there is a lot to learn about the field,” says trip participant Sloan Sobie.
“The trade show was especially rewarding, with us having talked with many famous companies about what they do and how it is benefiting the industry,” says trip participant Raymond Liu.
Outside the Summit schedule, the boys also visited the Gatineau-Ottawa Executive Airport, especially the Vintage Wings of Canada, a flying museum consists of a collection of historically significant aircraft, as well as the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum. The group was warmly greeted and accompanied by a senior leadership team member in both locations. From touring around the control tower, airfield, trying out the Boeing 737 flight simulators, to learning the profound history of aviation in Canada, those visits offered boys a memorable experience, the one that was serious but interesting, intense but appreciative, reflective and rewarding.
“The combination of history and future, of business interactions and technical discussions, and of serious and cheerful moments were the highlights of the overall experience. It is so important, now, to let the society know that there is a group of teenagers who are interested in aviation, who want to pursue aviation, and who serves as a role model for others wanting to pursue aviation, ” says Billy Shi, head offlight  Aviation Club.

By Billy Shi
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