Students take on Shakespeare’s King Henry IV

This year’s classical/senior show, Shakespeare’s King Henry IV, Part 1, was performed in the David Chu Theatre, Wednesday, February 27 through Saturday, March 2.
UCC students in the cast included Kurt Karul, Euan Lathrop, Sean Manucha, Sam Moore, Kyler Oates, Kumail Nathoo, Aman Rizwan, Sarosh Waheed, Joseph Wu and Jeffrey Zhu. Alongside Nicolas Gonzalez, technical director, the UCC crew included Mackenzie Lo, Nick O’Brien and Andrew Skene.

The following account of Shakespeare’s play was provided by Alex Lawson, stage manager:

A tale of rebels and loyalists, commoners and aristocrats, dear friends and dreaded foes, King Henry the IV (Part 1) calls into question the values of honour, love, and patriotism. At the dawn of the 15th century, the English throne is under threat. Rebels from Wales, Scotland, and within England itself conspire to overthrow King Henry IV, himself a usurper of the previous king, Richard II. But not everyone is concerned with waging wars and shaping kingdoms. In the Boar’s Head tavern in Eastcheap, Falstaff and Prince Hal snub the Court, court mischief, and in general reject all responsibilities. Yet as war brews, the next generation rises and takes the place of their forebears, though in so doing they may lose more than they realize.
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