Helping Hands Club makes difference for food bank

In an effort to raise awareness and help those in need, 31 students embarked on a trip organized by the Helping Hands Club to Daily Bread Food Bank on Thursday, April 18.
"Through this trip, we gained a better understanding of the work that goes into food banks to help feed Torontonian families in need," says Club Head Michael Young. Daily Bread Food Bank is the largest food bank in Toronto. Daily Bread Food Bank helps feed thousands of families through its on-site kitchen and food bank. Moreover, Daily Bread Food Bank has 135 member agencies located around the GTA and distributes fresh food daily to these member food banks.

At the food bank, the students helped sort and process vegetables. They bagged black turnips and onions, and loaded potatoes into large boxes. They soon turned this into a competition to see which group could process the greatest number of vegetables. Together, they processed 8,000 pounds of potatoes, 600 bags of onions, 300 bags of black turnips, and 100 bags of carrots—all in a few hours.

“This truly was why I founded Helping Hands Club in 2017”, says Young. “I wanted to show my peers both the fun of volunteering and the contributions we can make collectively.”

The Helping Hands Club also organized a food drive at UCC for Daily Bread Food Bank with the goal to raise 754 pounds of food (one pound per student).

Thanks to chaperones Tom Babits, Emma Hendrie, Ed Moon, and Helping Hands faculty advisor Dr. Rezunyk for taking the time to spend a day at Daily Bread Food Bank. Thanks to all the staff and volunteers at Daily Bread Food Bank for showing the students around the facility and for hosting them.

- Michael Young
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