Nuit Bleue takes arts to the forefront

Sure it snowed a little, but it’s also a sure sign of spring when the school lights up for an evening of creative celebration!
And so it did for Nuit Bleue on April 11. Highlights included an exciting Battle of the Bands, with Year 12 student Ethan Ullman’s band “RSDF” taking the prize. Lining the Upper School halls was the debut photography display. Theatre performances included an excerpt from the student-directed play Mothers and Sons, with Grade 12 student Sean Manucha at the helm.

There were also film screenings of students' short films, including Not so Juliette and Park Bench, and guests were treated to a copy of “The Blue Caller”, a publication of student literature. There was a Spanish-themed “Cafe Kahlo” with delicious churros organized by faculty member Zulay Rodriguez and dedicated students. The evening culminated with a music concert featuring all band ensembles, the Blue Notes choir, an incredible flute trio and an amazing piano solo by Grade 12 student Aaron Leung.

Check out this video and photo gallery to get a full taste of what was on display. 

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