UCC Students Represent at Queen's Park Climate Rally

Head Steward Uche Ochuba
On Sept 27, the board of stewards led a group of more than 200 UCC students to the Global Climate Strike Toronto event at Queen's Park. This event coincided with climate strikes all over the world, including an event led by youth activist Greta Thunberg in Montreal. The movement calls for decisive action from world governments to reduce emissions and combat the impending climate crisis.
As UCC's current head steward, it was a unique and empowering experience to organize and participate in Toronto's event, and to be among so many other students who are passionate about the environment. I believe that September 2019 will be remembered as a watershed moment in the critical issue of climate change.
At the rally, my classmates shared their reasons for attending: 
"I'm here because sometimes being a leader means taking action. Our current way of life is unsustainable. Young people are our future leaders, and they are the driving force behind change. They are the catalyst for the future world. We can put a unique type of pressure on current leaders and help push for change."
-Ben Swan, Y12
"I’m here because I realized our generation is going to inherit this problem, and as such, it falls on us to inspire change."
-Karam Bambawale, Y11
"I’m here to raise awareness and make a change. I think the biggest problem is rising sea levels. It’s essential to show kids care about these issues...they have a different perspective than adults and are selective in what they care about."
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