New School Year, New Design Lab at the Prep

The new Hixon Family Design Lab at the Prep provides UCC students with an inspiring, flexible and safe new environment where design programming and initiatives can flourish.
The Hixon Family Design Lab is on the Prep's lower level and custom-built to accommodate the Year 6 and 7 design programs and clubs, with glass walls providing exciting views into two main areas.
In what's been dubbed the "clean" space, there are adjustable, adaptable tables and chairs for both group and individual work, as well as a new audio system and dual projectors with whiteboards.

In the Prodigy Fabrication Lab, custom-made fabrication tables and ergonomically designed stools allow students to undertake innovative projects involving power and hand tools. There's also a ventilated area for painting and soldering, and an enhanced dust-collection system will facilitate clean-up and improve air quality.

Year 6 and 7 students were thrilled to kick off a new academic year with an introduction to this vibrant new learning environment that mirrors our achievement of the Atkins Family Design Lab at the Upper School.  
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