UCC’s Prize Day Celebrates Range of Student Achievement

More than 100 Upper School students were honoured for distinction in academics, athletics, the arts and community service at a special Prize Day assembly on Oct. 10.
The proceedings featured thoughtful and inspiring remarks by Principal Sam McKinney, Academic Dean Julia Kinnear and Chair of the Upper School English Department Gillian Levene, all underscoring the importance of balancing the pursuit of excellence with an appreciation of the rewards that come from valuing learning as an ongoing, lifelong journey.
Boys cheered on their classmates as the awards were distributed. The proceedings were assisted by Head of the Upper School Naheed Bardhai and Nina Abdelmessih from the Board of Governors, and emceed by Academic Steward Ben Swan, a multiple prize winner. The assembly ended on an extra-high note with the reveal of the Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy, on loan from the Raptors as part of UCC’s participation in the Relay for Life for cancer research.  
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