Barton Lecture inspires students to make a positive difference

Community Service Steward Shaan Hooey
At UCC’s annual Barton Service Lecture on November 18, Daily Bread Food Bank’s CEO Neil Hetherington spoke to students about the impact that service has had on his life.
His message was simple, yet incredibly effective. Service, he said, is not best measured by hours. It is most impactful when you, as a volunteer, are connected to the cause you’re advocating or working for. True service is a mentality that one embodies in every act, especially when people are not looking, and takes shape in many different forms. Helping someone in the hallway at school who looks to be having a rough day, talking to someone who is homeless on the street, or donating your time to help serve a cause are all equally valuable forms of service to others.

Mr. Heatherington concluded his talk with a very powerful and relatable statement regarding the various pressures of growing up. “Life is not linear, so let it take you places,” he said. It was inspiring to be reminded that while we all may believe we know what we want to do for the rest of our lives, we will never know what we don’t try. This year’s Barton Lecture made an impact on many students, connecting us with the College’s service value and reinforcing the idea that time is the most valuable currency in making the world a better place, one act at a time.
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