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Blue Jays' Head of Mental Performance Ben Freakley talks to Lang Scholars

By Luca Pusic, Year 12

Mr. Freakley was the guest speaker at a much-anticipated Lang Scholar lunch and learn on December 11. His talk focused on how to build mental resilience in a game and featured sports highlights, helpful mnemonics, and even a little role play.
Integrated into the lunch were questions that we submitted ahead of time, and it was clear that Mr. Freakley made great efforts to tailor his message to us. It was an engaging talk and many of us stayed behind after to ask further questions.
I personally came out of the lunch with pages of tools to tackle my goals for this winter season. Among the major takeaways were the importance of managing negative emotion and focusing attention, themes that the Lang Scholars have been practicing through their mindfulness program. A big thank-you to Mr. Freakley for taking the time: his advice is already being put to use.  
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