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Wellbeing Lunch and Learn with David Mochel

By Reid Gledhill, Year 11

Over the past few months, the Lang Scholars have been taking part in various mindfulness practices as a way of improving our wellbeing. The nascent mindfulness program has been very successful thus far, with several of the scholars attending weekly, self-sustaining sessions in the recently opened Peace and Quiet Space (PAQS) in the Upper School. On January 27, as a means of increasing our knowledge and passion for the art of mindfulness, we sat down for lunch with well-respected wellbeing coach and consultant, David Mochel. 

David was a truly fascinating speaker with an evident passion for mindfulness. He captivated our attention from start to finish with thought-provoking, real-life stories of his experiences and those of past clients. David provided insight on symptoms and situations that were very relatable. And he taught us to accept and acknowledge our feelings, rather than oppress them. 

On behalf of the Lang Scholars, a very big thank you to David for coming to speak with us. The advice we received will be instrumental to our wellbeing and our pursuit of happiness.
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