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Our arts program develops boys’ capacity to work effectively with others, developing invaluable traits like collaboration, compassion and teamwork.

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  • Developing “soft skills” for life

    Of course there’s the immediate satisfaction of executing a beautiful artwork or earning an audience’s applause. But UCC’s top-notch arts facilities and faculties contribute to student development with the long game in mind.

    Business leaders call them “soft skills” and this highly coveted combination of people skills, social skills and communication skills are honed by the arts. As boys engage in activities requiring self-expression or “soul expression” as we like to say, they acquire invaluable, transferrable skills, whatever professional path they choose.
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  • Supportive arts community

    Our parents and community members are integral players in our students’ creative development. From seasonal concerts and music nights to ambitious theatre performances, our community comes out to help hone our students’ performance skills with their encouragement and support.

    Our Arts Booster Club, comprised of dedicated, creative parent volunteers, play a key role in promoting arts-related events and achievements across campus. Each April they host the annual Nuit Bleue, transforming the Upper School into a showcase of student talent including visual art, theatre, film, creative writing and design.
  • Successful arts-related careers

    Inspired by our passionate and dedicated arts faculty, our graduates have gone on to successful careers in the arts and beyond. Preparation for innovative careers starts with exposure to a range of arts-related programming.
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  • Kathryn Edmondson

    Faculty Chair of Arts, Preparatory School
  • Judith Macdonell

    Faculty Chair of Arts,
    Upper School
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