Julia Kinnear

Academic Dean

Welcome Message
Since its founding in 1829, Upper Canada College has evolved in countless areas. Today, we have cutting-edge classrooms filled with the latest technology. We value pluralism and we have a far more global outlook than our founder might ever have imagined.

Aspects of UCC life that have not changed over time include our commitment to high academic standards and the value we place on hard work. Throughout our history, we can identify the ongoing pursuit of mastery — a commitment to working to be better tomorrow than we are today.

That constant striving plays a role in the educational journey of each UCC student, at every age. I see it as fundamental to our goal as a community of learners, and I think it represents the true spirit of the College, past and present.

Throughout the Academics section of this website, you can learn about the liberal education provided at UCC today — including the IB Programmes, which offer the world’s best curricular framework for meeting the learning needs of our students at every age and stage of their development. I also invite you to learn more about the IB Programmes at www.ibo.org
 The UCC Difference