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49 responses to “WAC 2015 Keynote”

  1. Brian Beaton says:

    Looking forward to seeing this one … CONGRATULATIONS to the students who organized this one and are making it possible for others to watch it as well!!

    • Greg Namon says:

      I think people got to see the hero that he is after watching the Oscar-nominated documentary on him that was released this year

  2. David says:

    This is such an amazing thing, finally people will be able to see the hero he is.

  3. Arlene says:

    Schools will be named after this man one day…God bless him.

  4. duncn cameron says:

    You should find someway to get the general public to know what you are doing here.

    Its gr8 and worthy of a wider audience.

    Well done!!

    • Nicolas says:

      I question your contention. The incarceration rate, who gets imprisoned, and why they are imprisoned, doesn’t suggest that America is more free.

  5. William Grand says:

    It is ironic that Edward Snowden must now live in Russia where an authoritarian government rules with a lot less freedom than in Canada or the US.

  6. Brian Beaton says:

    Calling the fellow in Ottawa a terrorist when everyone and everything indicates that he was a mentally troubled homeless Canadian just continues the misguided discourse and hegemony supporting the present Canadian government. Spend public dollars on proper health care and mental health instead of the war machine!

  7. Gregory says:

    Mr. Snowden: By what means, besides the ballot box, can the “rights” you mentioned, be preserved and/or re-claimed? Is it necessary to educate all members of the publlic about the techincal aspects of the mass surveillance?

  8. sam chatur says:

    Snowden for Canada’s prime minister

  9. Sara says:

    Amazing man, too bad I can’t be there tonight watching this unfold in person, but can watch it online. Great job to the students.

  10. Mike Spector says:

    As a UCC old boy, I very much appreciate the invite to observe this unique opportunity, regarding such an important topic!
    Discussion relative to such timely and significant issues is important in a rapidly changing and confusing world; where responsible citizens are not quite sure of the truth of matters, versus political expediency.
    This is a giant step on the path to truthful disclosure; where transparency currently is paid lip service, in an attempt to limit discussion, opposition and stifle responsible debate.
    I’m glad UCC and its students continue to be relevant and leaders, in making the world a better place!

  11. T says:

    Please have a moderator to shorten verbose “questions” in order that others can speak. I’m watching to hear what Edward Snowden has to say. Questions should have a finite nature so that Edward can actually answer them. Thank you.

  12. If powers that rule weren’t corrupt, reasonable surveillance wouldn’t be a problem; however, since there is excessive corruption in government coupled with mass surveillance, we must side with transparency over secrecy as JFK insisted.

  13. It’s a pleasure to live stream this even for my audience on my website. Thank you to student organizers on a job well done! And thank you for your proactive citizenship. Sher B

  14. recz says:

    awarenesss be nooo sheep

  15. B Rae says:

    Bravo! We need to hear more about and from this brave man. We need more whistleblowers to inform us of what is happening around us and under our noses. Thank you, Mr. Snowden. Thank you UCC for this opportunity. Please consider making the program available on YouTube so more people can see it.

  16. Thank you, Edward, very much. Most Americans do thank you.

    We the people should be surveilling the government like the government surveils the people, and the people should maintain their privacy instead of the government maintaining secrecy. We have it totally backwards. It’s pure insanity what we’ve let the government get away with.

    Many thanks to Julian Assange and Sarah Harrison of WikiLeaks for assisting Edward Snowden.

  17. Alice LeBlanc says:

    Bravo – students from UCC. This is enlightening, and I encourage the pursuit of truth!

  18. T O'Hara says:

    Truly unbelievable that UCC arranged this and quite surprising that it is live. Thank you, just excellent.

  19. The Tim Channel says:

    Ought to be a statue for Snowden and Manning next to the Lincoln Memorial. Enjoy.

  20. Frank Campbell says:

    I only wish Canada was a country that you could have fled to in order to be protected to have free speech instead ot having to go to Russia… It is a shame.

  21. Monte McMurchy says:

    Essential to understand and respect that those with commercial and intellectual privilege have both a fiduciary and ontological obligation to ‘afflict the comfortable and to comfort the afflicted’. Civic social rights are grounded within a strict ethos in asking the normative questions.

    • Snowleod says:

      Hey Z,

      What is your password to your email? I would like to go through your personal emails to make sure you aren’t a terrorist.

  22. Z says:

    The spying is important, it keeps all of us safe. There is nothing wrong with what the government does. This man is no freedom fighter and he is making our lives less safe.

    I have no problem with spy agencies having data on me, and neither should you (unless you’re a criminal).

  23. J says:

    Thank you for doing this live stream.

  24. Nancy Eaton says:

    Thank you for this …

  25. Brian Beaton says:

    CONGRATULATIONS … on a great job of sharing and creating a space for everyone to see such creative minds at work … very impressed with UCC and the students!

  26. Tony Tremain says:

    Well done all involved!

  27. ds says:

    This was excellent. THANK YOU for live streaming to the general public, it was a public service.

  28. David says:

    ‘Z’ just doesn’t get !!!

  29. Snowleod says:

    Thank you very much for your unmatched bravery and courage Edward! You have inspired me in many aspects of my life, and I look forward to one day contributing to the fight against unwarranted global government surveillance of innocent civilians as a technology lawyer.

    If you are responding to questions I would like to ask you what you would say is the most threatening issue to a normal everyday citizen living in the US or Canada regarding the mass collection and long term storage of their digital data?

  30. Mike says:

    Snowden what a champ. that was the coolest thing ever and i do not see how anyone could say he’s bad. That was more educational than anything ive ever experienced.

  31. Northern Judy says:

    Thank you for making this available online. I missed some of it but found the rest very interesting. Good questions from the students – better than from many “professionals”.

  32. Sue Vandittelli says:

    Thank you and congratulations for making this event possible. We are blessed to live in an age where we can have these kinds of online real conversations . I am very impressed with the leadership of our young people and their teachers at Upper Canada College.

    The healthy future of democracy is dependent on all of us continuing to respectfully dialogue with one another, especially when there is disagreement.

    Proud day to be a Canadian!

  33. rb says:

    Hopefully y’all can post this later, as I am having lots of glitches with my reception.

  34. Abdul says:

    Well done guys!!

    A historic event by means. Kudos to the organizers and all the great questions put forth by the students.

  35. Burke Austin says:

    Obviously the Upper Canada College, is Thinking ahead into a democracy that all Canadians can be proud of, excellent.

  36. ds says:

    Thank you for live streaming this. It was excellent. I’m impressed with the students & school for organizing it.

    Will it be available on video? I would like to share with friends.

  37. Jessy Alice says:

    Hats off to all freedom fightersn who educate themselves on todays real issues, and thank you Mr. Snowden for taking your time out of you life to enlightnen us all… On another note is there any recordings published yet? I would like to update my friends. TYVM! :)

  38. Rob says:

    Thanks so much for organizing such a great event and making it publicly available. I just saw the film Citizen 4 recently so this has been a great (and very timely) follow-up event. What a brave soul Mr. Snowden is. I can’t help but thank him for taking on such risk and turmoil for all our benefit.

  39. Lori O'Donnell says:

    So young and yet so wise – Edward Snowdon is a hero and he has my utmost respect. Our world needs more of his brand of bravery!

    “the world will be changed by people who are not afraid to feel insecure” – Pema Chodren

  40. Americanus says:

    Hand him over to the Americans… they’ll take care of him well

  41. BAEsystems says:

    The NSA & GCHQ are using mass surveillance to gather potential blackmail information on politicians and judges. They are both criminal agencies. An illegal program that they are involved in called organized stalking is used to psychologically harass members of the public and they are also using the information that they are gathering up from the mass surveillance to do this.

  42. I would now like to see a little balance in this discussion. Sure, Edward Snowdon makes a good case for freedom of speech, but there is a flip side. Because of him, people have died, tradecraft was blown, and networks have gone dark. Our nations are much less secure and many would like to see Snowdon dead in a ditch. So the significant question is this: When does freedom of speech trump national security?

  43. Seth Wotten says:


    My name is Seth Wotten (Full name Robert Seth Wotten). I was a student at UCC for a brief time in the mid-nineties. I never graduated from UCC, but perhaps you could call me an Old Boy.

    At the time, I found UCC to be a really stuffy, closed minded, elitist environment, but I don’t stop hearing about so many of the positive changes that have taken place since I was a student there. I have heard about the scholarships that are now offered, and I happened to meet a young man from north of the arctic circle, who is a recent graduate. I heard that you are having Edward Snowden as a guest speaker. I think it is incredible that you are hosting such a potentially controversial speaker. UCC has definitely broadened its horizons.

    Please, keep up the good work. You are inspiring me to send my my children there some day.


    Seth Wotten

  44. David Scandrett '63 says:

    I enjoyed the presentation and I commend the Wolrd Affairs Conference students and the College on this coup. I am sure that the audience was far more extensive than advertised.

    However, I would also caution the students on the comments by the presenters. They, like all people, have an agenda and interests that they are working. Not all is as it seems and no one has cornered the market on morality and truth. Further, we are Canadians, not Americans with all their idiotic ways, so do not lump us in with them.

    Some exception can be taken, on the opinion that the various intercepts have not averted any attacks. How do you know? In my lowly ignorance I would take considerable exception to that rather bold comment. The bad guys can get it wrong many times. It just takes the good guys to miss once and the result is significant tragedy, as seen in St. Jean, Ottawa and Paris. An enemy attacks on multiple fronts and the electronic/digital spectrum is just one. A study of military tactics would confirm this view. Perhaps, as a counterpoint, you could invite a speaker from the Canadian Forces Command and Staff College at Armour Heights, Toronto to give some insights.

    It is probably true that you are at greater risk driving a car to Muskoka or flying (except perhaps in southeast Asia) than of a terrorist attack, but there are people who stay up late at night thinking about this stuff and it would be very foolish to ignore the threats posed. One can very easily be psychologically defeated well prior to a military assault, and there is a lot to be said for long term vigilance. Oh, and the world, it is not a nice place and someone has to eventually take out the garbage.

    The Internet was characterised as the bastion of the young and thehaven of free thought. Not really. It was the now old people who built it and it has become a powerful, global tool. But that is all: it is a tool. A tool that can be used for good or bad like anything else.

    In conclusion, well done and congratulations on bringing the debate forward.

    David Scandrett ’67

  45. Alien says:

    Edward Snoden has paid a very high price …given the same situation would have resigned from NSA… and lived a quiet life in US or better still gone and lived in Australia…
    In the big picture his actions will change nothing in the longer term… Think is intelligent but nieve….

  46. Este cel mai bun articol despre Upper Canada College . Mult success!

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